Individual Apartments/Studios

If you prefer complete independence and living alone or with a friend, we recommend the individual apartment as the best option.

Most of the apartments and studios we have available can be rented on a monthly basis.

All apartments and studios are fully furnished with their own bathroom and kitchen. The cheapest but also smallest option is the studio apartment, consisting of a combined living- and bedroom and with a small kitchenette and separate bathroom. A one bedroom apartment is slightly more expensive but has a separate kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

If you are interested in an individual apartment we recommend booking as early as possible as a limited supply is available.

Touristic Apartments

If it’s of your interest to come to Malaga to spend your holidays and to escape the ordinary and standard, EPS offers you the service of accommodation in tourist apartments with all the comfort and elegance you are looking for.

We offer a customized service which implicates every journey to Malaga to be the most successful as possible, everything supported with the tranquilization of direct acquaintance and our team being at your disposal whenever you need it.

We offer a service matching your needs.

Please contact us for more information.

Rooms in a flat-sharing community

Living in a flat share is an often used opportunity for students, which would like to study in Spain.

EPS Malaga offers individual rooms or double rooms in Malaga (in the center of the city and in the districts El Palo and Teatino). The students which would like to live in a flat share (normally between 3-5 persons), will be able to share the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room.

The students which rent the rooms are responsible for the daily tasks in the household e.g. cooking (what they would like to), cleaning the flat and taking care of it and furthermore have everything under control.

To rent a room in a flat-sharing community is always a good opportunity to meet new people and make friends from other countries. The requirements are, that the students are responsible, tolerant and sensitive concerning the habits and needs of the other students.

We offer rooms in the historical centre of the city, but also in the districts El Palo and Teatino. You can rent a room (individual room or double room) from a stay between already 1 week up to 1 year (or even longer). The rooms of the apartments are completely furnished, have 1-2 bathrooms, a kitchen, own a fridge and have access to a washing machine. Furthermore every flat has a living room, which can be used as a shared dining room, with couches, a TV and WIFI.

The rooms of the students are not luxury, but they are perfect for students, who search for a low cost accommodation, who would like to meet new people and live together with them.