I'm an Au Pair

Eps places Au Pairs from Spain to France, Great Britain, Ireland and students from abroad in Spain. Whether this would be your first placement, or you have been an Au Pair before, Eps can help.


There are many reasons why people want to be an Au Pair. For some, it’s a short period of work and life experience - a great opportunity to get to know another country, to improve your language skills, meet new friends and see something of the country.
It’s not essential to have specific experience to become an Au Pair, although being able to demonstrate that you have spent time with children certainly helps. Of course, working towards a child care qualification is desirable but not essential. Although Au Pair work is simple, it can be challenging and varied.

Au Pairs are not slave workers - it is a cultural exchange programme - but that doesn’t mean you will not be expected to help with the household duties!
Au Pairs need to be adaptable and prepared to handle housework (such as dusting, ironing, vacuuming, tidying and preparing light meals for the children). On average, you could be expected to do household tasks for 15, 25, 40 hours a week (depends on your chosen Au Pair program and the family). In return receives the Au Pair a weekly pocket money, which depends of your chosen program, your destination and the family (mostly between 50 and 120 €). Families also provide you with an own room and full board. Of course you will have some free time for your classes etc. Working styles required will depend very much on the host family - many will expect their Au Pair to fit into the family routine very quickly, or be able to take the initiative in caring for the children.
The main role of an Au Pair is, however, caring for children. So you need to be comfortable with the role of a supporter and carer of children. Families need to feel assured that their Au Pair can be trusted with their children - to be responsible and caring. Some want you to teach your native language. It may take some time for children to warm to a new Au Pair, but in most cases, the Au Pair becomes the best new friend. If you like spending time with children, it can be very rewarding. Everyday tasks, from drawing, playing, walking to the park, cycling or baking cakes, can be a lot of fun.
Parents put a lot of trust in Au Pairs. If in turn the Au Pair makes a genuine effort to fit in with the family, and develop a caring relationship with the children, in our experience, they become more like another member of the family than an "employee".

The Eps Au-Pair program in Europe follows all quality parameters of IAPA (International Au Pair Association) as a sign of quality assurance and control in addition. You will live with a local family, where you need to speak their native language constantly added beside the cultural aspect you get to know more about.
The traditional program is for young people between 18 and 30 years who wish to go abroad to learn English, French or Spanish. The minimum stay is 6 months and with the possibility of three months in summer, on submission of the application at least before Easter. We recommend the stay of a year to get the level of language. It is possible to attend voluntary language classes in the spare time of the family this is a really positive experience for your career and your own training.
An important reason why you should consider Eps is the level of support we provide. We offer help and advice from the very beginning, whether it is helping concerning the register, getting the necessary application and documents together, we help you selecting the right family, or we prepare you for interviews with the families (normally done by Skype). We are also on hand to answer queries, or help overcome any problems you may encounter once you are placed with a family.
We help you with the organization of your trip until your arrival at the family’s place. Of course you will receive all necessary information like what are your tasks, how much money you will get and where the family lives exactly etc...

Registration Process


Please provide us with

  • Application form filled up
  • Signing of the conditions
  • Two passport photos
  • Three or more full size photos of you with children, preferable with your name written on the back of each photo
  • Good-conduct certificate
  • CV in the language of the chosen country for Au Pair
  • Two personal letters of recommendation, written in the language of the host family of two different people with the address, ID and telephone number of the person, testimonial including a character description of you and your experiences with children (never be made by members of the family and from persons who know you for more than two years)
  • A letter written to the family in their language, which begins with “Dear family” and where you describe yourself   and your own family. The more we know about you, the easier it is to find a suitable family.
  • The letter should be written by you with your own language level
  • Photocopies of your passport and of your driver’s license
  • Medical certificate
  • First payment of 200 € from the total by receive of the documents
  • Second payment of 115 € we found a family for you and before leaving your country

Please do not buy your ticket until you have received the invitation letter from the host family. Occasionally there are last minute changes. Do not be alarmed if this happens to you. We will do our best to make your time as an Au Pair so pleasant and unforgettable - the rest is up to you.

Eps will only present your application to families who we feel are likely to treat Au Pairs with respect and kindness.

Note: All documents need to be translated in the language of the family’s country. Don’t forget that the family will judge you on the presentation of your dossier.