Student placements in Barcelona, Spain - The business centre of Catalonia

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, is the capital of Catalonia. It’s population in the metropolitan area rises up to 3,1 million people as the city itself has about 1,6 million inhabitants. Barcelona is located in the shore of Mediterranean sea and it is the largest metropolis in the Mediterranean area.

Internship in the "place-to-visit"

Doing an internship in Barcelona is wonderful opportunity for your career as it is one of the Europe’s leading centers in commerce, education, media, fashion and science. It is a major economic and cultural centre in the whole of Iberian peninsula. Barcelona is also the fourth visited city in Europe with only Paris, Rome and London ahead of it.

Placement in the center of business

Barcelona is the fourth richest city in the European Union and also ranked as the fourth best European business city. So all this makes Barcelona a very suitable place to consider when thinking about placement abroad or internship in Spain.