Placement in Malaga - placement in the sun!

Malaga is located in the coast of Andalucía, in the area of Costa del Sol and it is the most southern big city in Europe. This makes Malaga very pleasant place to do an internship in as even in the winter the average temperatures stay around 17 degrees. The temperatures are pleasant also in the summer time because of the coastal climate so already the weather is a reason to have a student placement in Malaga, Spain!

Internship in one of the oldest cities in the world

The history of the city goes all the way 2800 years back and that makes Malaga one of the oldest cities in the whole world. The city has been inhabited or ruled by Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and nowadays it is naturally part of Spain. When doing an internship in Malaga, you can explore the historical remains from the city’s history more than 3000 years.

Student job in a Spanish economical centre

Malaga has the second most inhabitants in Andalucía and it is the fifth largest city in Spain with around 570,000 inhabitants. The city’s economical activity is ranked the fourth in Spain and the largest sectors in business are technology, construction and of course tourism. Also the industrial, science and hi-tech including Technology Park of Andalucía is located in Malaga and nowadays it’s home for over 500 companies, that include some looking for eager student to do internship in Spain.