Spanish in Malaga with EPS

The Spanish School EPS has a big experience, the school is located in the centre of the city just a few steps from Plaza de la Merced, the heart of the city’s cultural and social life (Theatre Cervantes, the birth home of Picasso). Also, it is just some minutes away from the Picasso Museum and the beach in the commercial and entertainment area of the city (with cinemas, shops, bars, pubs, etc.).
The school building is brand new and offers excellent conditions to our students.
It has bright classrooms, a multi-functional room with audiovisual equipment, a small library with books available to use and refer to and an administration office. The media room is intended for joint activities such as film showings, cultural or Spanish classes with video showings, etc. When available, the students can use this room as often as they wish, on request at the registrar’s office and within the opening hours of the school, and use the materials we supply (films, documentaries, videos, etc.). It has a meeting area and computers for the students. We also offer free WI-FI for all the students who bring their laptops or other network-connectable devices.

EPS offers Civil Liability and Accident Insurance free of charge to our students in order to give them more security during the time that they spend within the school facilities. Furthermore we can help students with anything that they might need during their stay for example Doctors appointments, bus and train timetables, car rental, excursions, sports and activities.


The courses offered by the Spanish School deal with all aspects of the language: Oral and written comprehension and communication, grammar, vocabulary and conversation. We have general language courses (Course 20, course 20+5, course 20+10, course 30 and D.E.L.E.) and special courses (Spanish for business, tourism).
The staff, both teaching and administration, consists of highly qualified people with a long experience in Spanish teaching.
The classes have a maximum number of eight students, on average there are 4-5, allowing the teachers to follow the individual progress of each student.
The learning material used for the courses is a combination of textbooks and other material carefully selected by the school's teaching staff.
Each week the school organizes and conducts numerous activities, as the students’ cultural immersion is very important for a better learning of the language. The main trips are more fully detailed in their own section. In addition, to complete the Spanish course there is free time.
If you want to carry out an activity not included in the ones organised by the school, we will guide and advise you about how to do it.

Certificates and diplomas

At the end of the chosen length of course, you will receive two types of certificate: one for attendance (number of hours, level etc) for which it is not necessary to have done the final test and another for aptitude, which includes the final mark achieved in the test. Students sit the test during the last two hours of the course and it will be corrected and returned with the relevant certificates that day. They also certify the courses taken as part of the German "Bildungsurlaub" programme.


The school provides accommodation for those students who request it. All of the student accommodation is located close to the school, you can choose from the following categories:
• Shared flat: with single and double rooms, to be more independent and live with other students (Spanish or those from the course). All of the flats are fully equipped (with kitchen, living room, bathroom etc.) 
• Apartments or studios: For complete independence, or if you are staying with a partner, the school can rent you an apartment for the use of 1 or 2 people.
The price indicated in the price list is in effect if the reservation is made a minimum of 8 weeks in advance.
If the reservation is not made within this time period, the price may vary depending on the availability at the time. 
• Host families: This option is chosen by students who enjoy good cooking, as our host families offer accommodation in single or double rooms on a half-board basis. 
• Residence: Only available during holiday periods, it is possible to stay on half or full board basis. This option is ideal for groups. 
• Hotel, Hostels: It is also possible to make a reservation in hotels and hostels.
You have to bring your own sheets and towels from home.

Prices of courses


1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

Extra week

Course 20

185 €

312 €

438 €

555 €

130 €

Course 25

215 €

390 €

562 €

730 €

175 €

Course 30

254 €

465 €

675 €

876 €

210 €

Course 20+5

275 €

492 €

708 €

915 €

230 €

Course 20+10

310 €

520 €

720 €

960 €

220 €

Private classes: 25 €
Class length: 45 minutes

Specialized courses


1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

Extra week

Course 10

220 €

430 €

630 €

820 €

200 €

Prices of accommodation

Common Features:

The arrival date is the Sunday before the course starts from 12:00 pm, and the departure date the Saturday after the end of the course at 12:00 pm.
If your arrival or departure dates are before or after the days mentioned previously, they will be considered extra days (see pricing table).





4 weeks

Extra week

Extra night

Apartment SR

140 €

266 €

378 €

476 €

116 €

25 €

Apartment DR

119 €

217 €

294 €

350 €

88 €

20 €

Family SR

231 €

441 €

630 €

798 €

196 €

30 €

Family DR

203 €

385 €

546 €

700 €

172 €

28 €

Note: 4 or more extra nights are considered an extra week.